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Lt. Governor Visits KC, RLC 

WJBD Radio
May 20, 2011

As part of her tour of Illinois' 48 community colleges, Illinois Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon visited the Kaskaskia College campus Friday morning. Simon says it's clear that the entire community takes care of KC.

"That's something that stands out when you walk around and see who is investing here and why. I think it's a great community spirit of identifying the importance of education for all of us," Simon says. The Lieutenant Governor says she was especially impressed with the college's GED scholarship program where students who complete their GED's at KC can receive two-year tuition awards for the college.

Simon's tour across the state focuses on what each community college district is doing to help students complete their degrees. She announced a goal earlier this year of increasing the number of Illinois adults with a college degree from 41-percent to 60-percent by 2025. Simon had high praise for community colleges in this effort.

"I would say [they are] an under-recognized gem. Community colleges really connect students with opportunity, both in terms of geography--and you look at the number of sites in this district where the students can connect with the school--and in terms of cost. The school has been doing a great job of making sure that cost is still affordable. And then to connect students and their education to local employers, it completes the circle. It's a benefit to everyone," the Lt. Gov. says.

Kaskaskia College President Dr. Jim Underwood says he was very appreciative for Simon's visit. He says it will be helpful for community colleges in the state. "She'll share with the executive branch her findings and her support for community colleges. She will be going back and visiting with the governor and they'll be looking at their policies and funding," Dr. Underwood says.

Simon also visited Rend Lake College Friday afternoon.