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New Lt. Gov. Simon pushes for transparency 

Daily Herald
January 20, 2011
By Jeff Engelhardt

SPRINGFIELD — Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon released her financial information Thursday and banned her employees from accepting food and drinks from lobbyists in an effort to promote honest government.

As of November, Simon's net worth was $586,709 — a majority of which comes from her properties in Carbondale and Makanda. The report showed Simon made $35,954 last year as a professor at Southern Illinois University, while her husband's income was $87,946 from his job as a community college teacher.
Simon owns a van and pickup truck with a combined value $10,935.

The profile showed everything from the value of Simon's vehicles and properties to the stocks she holds.
Simon said transparency and ethics reform in government needs to constantly be addressed in order to restore faith in elected officials.

“I would love to just say trust me, but I realize that has very little value,” Simon said. “That's why I am putting out the financial statement so people don't have to just trust me, they can look at this.”

Simon also issued an executive order stating she would not accept campaign contributions from employees of executive officers or public officials appointed by the governor. Her staff would also be prohibited from accepting free food and drinks from lobbyists, which other state employees are allowed to accept up to $75 per day.