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  1. Lt. Governor

Simon releases 2011 tax returns 

Keeps promise to shed light on personal, staff financial interests

CARBONDALE – April 13, 2012. As tax season comes to a close, Lt. Governor Sheila Simon is fulfilling her promise to annually release her state and federal income tax returns, as well as financial statements from her senior staff members. The statements disclose more than what is required by law, and the commitment to open government allows taxpayers to learn if Simon or her staff have any conflicts of interest.

“Transparency is a key component of good government,” Simon said. “In order to build trust with our constituents, we must show that we are free of any conflicts of interest.”

According to the 2011 tax documents, Simon and her husband, Perry Knop, earned a combined $181,227 in 2011. They paid more than $38,200 in federal and state taxes, and contributed more than $1,500 to charity.

Simon has also required members of her senior staff to make public an annual financial disclosure form that goes above and beyond what is required in the state’s Statement of Economic Interests. Simon’s staff form is modeled after those used by federal officers and notes income greater than $200, investments and debts.

This is the second year that Simon and her staff have released their detailed financial statements. Find the disclosure here.