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Simon seeking change to state’s public officials disclosure form 


WJBC Radio
July 11, 2011
By Alex Degman

Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon has historically been among the first to disclose personal assets and income information when running for office, and while she is already in office, she wants to force other high-ranking officials to disclose more.

Simon says part of being a public employee is making your life more public than it was before being elected.

“It’s nothing new,” she says. “It’s a very simple idea that when you’re asking for the public trust, you ought to be able to give up a little bit of privacy to make sure the system works well and works ethically.”

That’s why Simon is seeking changes to the state’s Statement of Economic Interest form, filled out by constitutional officers and other high-ranking officials.

Simon says employees mark “not applicable” to many of the questions because they’re hard to understand, which makes the document worth little. She and a Democratic state senator have introduced legislation to make the form easier, and she hopes to bring it up this fall during the legislative veto session.