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Simon stops in Champaign to tout "no text" pledge 

WDWS Radio
September 19, 2012
By Michael Kiser

Illinois' Lieutenant Governor continued her push in Champaign on Wednesday to end texting while driving.

Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon stopped at Parkland College as a part of national "No Text on Board" day. Simon also urged students to take the "It Can Wait" pledge to not text and drive.

Simon said she believes students who take the pledge will remain committed to it and put down the cell phone while behind the wheel. And she feels community colleges are the ideal place to target the campaign.

Simon also said the key is getting to people to realize and understand the dangers of texting and driving.

Simon said each year, there are 100,000 accidents in the U.S. that involve injury or death as a result of texting while driving.

It's already illegal in Illinois to read, type, or send a text message while driving.

For more information on the "no text" pledge, click here.