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Madigan says technology making stalking easier 


The Kankakee Daily Journal
January 22, 2011
CHICAGO (AP) -- The attorney general of Illinois wants to call more attention to stalking on college campuses.

Illinois attorney general Lisa Madigan on Friday hosted the discussion "Campus Safety and Cyber Dangers: Stalking on College Campuses in the Digital Age" at DePaul University. It's part of Stalking Awareness Month. Madigan's office says that new Illinois Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon also was there.

Madigan says college campuses are ideal for stalkers because of the set schedules.

Simon says Illinois law provides protection to stalking victims, but she says there is more work to be done, particularly as technology changes the way people interact.

Experts say residents can protect themselves from stalking by not openly posting private information online, such as full name, telephone number, address, hometown, school, birthday or pictures.