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Garry McCarthy Garry Francis McCarthy was born on May 4, 1959. McCarthy and his two older brothers were raised in the Bronx, New York by his father, a World War II Marine and New York Detective and his mother, a nurse.

In 1981, McCarthy began a career in law enforcement with the New York Police Department. McCarthy’s dedication and ambition quickly began to propel his career forward.

In November of 1985, he was promoted to Sergeant. Four years later he rose to the rank of Lieutenant. In October of 1992 he was promoted to Captain; in 1997 he was promoted to Deputy Inspector and within two years he rose to the rank of Inspector.

In 2000, McCarthy was promoted to his final rank with the New York Police Department where he served as Deputy Commissioner of Operations. This position illustrated his leadership and achievements while serving as the principal crime strategist for the department.

During this time, the department saw a significant decline in the homicide rate. That steady decline culminated in 2005 with its lowest murder rate since 1963.

McCarthy continued to demonstrate his strong leadership as a supervisor while commanding three separate precincts during a five year period and bringing about significant positive changes.

This recognition ultimately led McCarthy to a new assignment at the 70th precinct where he helped diminish a double digit crime rate as well as decrease the number of complaints against police officers. These accomplishments attracted both the attention and praise of the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

In September 2006, McCarthy was chosen to lead the Newark Police Department. Within his first year, the Department achieved a 9 percent reduction in murder. This marked the first reduction since 2002.

Along with this reduction, the Newark Police Department experienced additional improvements in efficiency and professionalism including a 17 percent increase in arrests since 2006 along with diminished complaints against police officers.

In 2011, McCarthy was chosen to be Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. His nomination to this position was approved by the Chicago City Council on June 8, 2011.

As Chicago Police Superintendent, McCarthy works to reduce violence and crime by using proven crime fighting and prevention strategies that helped reduce crime in other cities including New York and Newark. Among these strategies is the CompStat program, which involves a weekly meeting with District Commanders to discuss how they are addressing crime in their districts and what their plan is to further reduce crime.

Superintendent McCarthy stresses the integral relationship between the community and beat officer to work together to report, solve and prevent crimes.

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