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Illinois Inroads to Inclusion – April 2010 [PDF, 337KB]

By Lois Barnhart, Illinois Disability Outreach Coordinator

Volume 3, Issue 2 – April 2010

Moving Toward Inclusion

In December, 2009, members of the Serve Illinois Commission attended the Train the Trainer Institute in Albuquerque, NM. The training presented by the National Service Inclusion Project Team (NSIP) provided us the vision we needed to return to Illinois to develop a statewide plan of action initiating movement toward Inclusion within our AmeriCorps programs. In January this plan of action was implemented. In February, the Commission began to plan a training event for AmeriCorps program directors consistent with their needs and with the guidance of the NSIP team. In March, we launched our first Anonymous Disclosure Survey to all members. We also began our Accessibility Assessments of program training sites. The Commission implemented a Mini-grant round for AmeriCorps programs to develop Inclusive Recruitment or Outreach Activities. We have begun site visits to gather information to assess what is working, what is not and to brain storm as to how each program can improve services for members. In April, the first trainings were initiated. The Disability Outreach Coordinator conducted one training for AmeriCorps members; the NSIP trainers came to Illinois to conduct two trainings in the state for Program Directors. Illinois has launched a pilot project for a regional Inclusion Team with training and guidance from the NSIP. Our future goals include development of Inclusion Teams in each region of the state; continued anonymous surveys; continued trainings; streamlining Accommodation and Disclosure tracking; pursuing the concepts of NEXT STEP. For additional information or any questions regarding the Serve Illinois Commission efforts toward Inclusion please contact the Commission Staff or the Disability Outreach Coordinator. We look forward to serving you.

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