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Jill C. HeiseAn accomplished marketing and communications executive, Jill Heise has enjoyed a career in the private sector as well as nonprofit environment. Jill manages marketing and sales support for the healthcare practice at Huron Consulting Group. A seasoned volunteer and board director, Jill has enjoyed working throughout the city of Chicago on a variety of efforts. Jill was instrumental in the effort to renovate the Sheil Park Playground in the Lakeview community of Chicago and was thrilled when asked to serve as the Master of Ceremonies for Mayor Daley’s Neighborhood Farewell Tour in 2011. As Chair of the development committee of B.I.G. Baseball Academy on the city’s Southside, Jill has successfully launched numerous fundraising events. As a result, B.I.G. is eagerly anticipating opening its indoor baseball facility in 2013. B.I.G.’s vision is to provide baseball instruction and a safe haven for youth on a year round basis.

As Chairman of the Serve Illinois Commission, Jill works diligently to lead the efforts of the 40 member, bi-partisan board appointed by the Governor to improve Illinois communities by enhancing traditional volunteer activities and supporting national service programs. As Vice President of Lakeview’s Special Service Area #27, Jill actively contributed to the development and implementation of the award winning Lakeview Area Master Plan.

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