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Debra MartonLonnie is the Co-Chair and Programming Chair of the Family Action Network (FAN), a 501(c)(3) that creates a high-quality free speaker series for Chicago’s North Shore area, funded by nearly all of the public, private and parochial schools in New Trier Township. Topics focus on the positive mental health development of youth ages 3-20, and the speakers are renowned in their fields, typically psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, education, and medicine. Past speakers include Paul Tough, Brené Brown, Howard Gardner, Carol Dweck, David Elkind, danah boyd, Madeline Levine, Barry Schwartz, John Cacioppo, Yong Zhao, Martin Marty, Vivian Paley, and Barbara Fredrickson. Lonnie’s passion for connection, collaboration and mentorship helps FAN create strong networks among children, parents, educators and helping professionals. Lonnie attended The University of Chicago, AB '81, with a degree from the Committee on General Studies of the Humanities, with concentrations in Greek philosophy, aesthetics and philosophy of language. She lives in Skokie with her husband, Eric Dynowski, of Magnetar Capital, and their son Eno, a 6th grade student at North Shore Country Day School.

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