East Central Meeting Notes - January 20, 2010 


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Volunteer Management Network
Notes from East Central Region Conversation
January 20, 2010


  • Kristen Ball for Gina Jacaway
  • Judy Donath
  • Linda Bee
  • Rachelle Hollinshead
  • Kelly Thompson
  • Sheri Seibold
  • Annie Hernandez

Vision Thoughts

  • (Top Thought) everybody who dealt with volunteers would know everyone else..instant communication; know each other's needs 
  • connect volunteers with other volunteer "fits"
  • (Top Thought) all on level playing fields…budgets, staff support, etc.
  • (Top Thought) work together on grant proposals, etc.
  • shared volunteer policies in region
  • create shared mission for volunteerism in the region
  • (Top Thought) identify "local needs" for subregions
  • develop a plan to reach out to others in field for more involvement  
  • educating why collaborations are important
  • (Top Thought) TECHNOLOGY could help with this!
  • JUNE CONFERENCE: some way to have scholarship funds for those on the "fringe"
  • meetings/collaborations are an EXPECTED/REQUIRED for those who do volunteer management  
  • lots of money AND time!
  • organizations/bosses VALUE the connecting; and volunteers (ex. Educate EDs on the value of volunteerism)
  • integrate with development/fundraising trainings/people
  • consider building ONTO other nonprofit stuff in the region
  • value ALL size organizations who utilize volunteers
  • skills bank
  • making it cool/hip to volunteer

Assets to Leverage

  • goodWORKSconnect.org
  • Use eachother's buildings/resources for our meetings (ex. Lincoln Library)
  • Build on the volunteer activities that are ALREADY happening…use technology (ex. Already groups in Champaign, Decatur) [History: Lincoln Land used to help host in Springfield area]  

Statewide Areas to Focus

  • Youth focus: increase utilization of youth (under 18-25)
  • Marketing plan for Community Service programs 

Region Areas to Focus

  • Funding: grant proposal to submit for grant to support volunteer programming and infrastructure and capacity-building
  • Youth Engagement: more emphasis on growing youth (under 18-25; middle school high school/college) volunteers & have the seniors work WITH youth! 
  • Training: training for staff of nonprofits; how utilize technology; volunteer retention/recruitment
  • Network: work on the network…who's out there and wants to be involved; how are we connecting; try to secure incentive to engagefolks (ex. funds to provide "scholarships" for volunteer-only volunteer managers); use technology  (serve.illinois.gov,goodWORKSconnect.org) 


  • Training: Key Topic: Volunteer Retention/Recruitment 

2010 schedule

  • March – teleconference
  • April – VMN meeting post Budget convening in Springfield
  • June 10 – post East Central conference 

Project Inventory

Work on 

  • Regional conference
  • Web-based volunteer opportunityportals
  • Intergenerational initiativesin IL 
  • Illinois ResourceNet 
  • Work with communityfoundations (micro-grants)
  • 2011 National Conference on Volunteerism 
  • More training on developing partnerships
  • More train eloping funding streams 

– Submitted by Annie Hernandez, Program Officer, The Lumpkin Family Foundation 

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