Northeast Meeting Notes - January 20, 2010 


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Northeast Illinois Regional Leadership Team Meeting Minutes
January 20, 2010
2:30 – 3:30 p.m.


  • Deanna Roby
  • Dave Christiansen
  • Margo McNamara
  • Alex Byrd
  • Barb Tubekis
  • Steve Sullivan
  • Kathy Blair

Discussion About Asset Mapping

Sample asset map was distributed in the session. In the northeast region, we are population dense – talented people/great needs/abundant agencies. Density can be a positive and a negative. Because we are dense, travel may be difficult and people may not reach out. Having many organizations is an asset.

There is an opportunity for organizations to better communicate across the dense population. There is an opportunity for agencies to learn from each other. There are opportunities for funding by corporations/foundation. The Northeast region is corporation-rich.

Discussion About Partnerships

Much to be learned about collaborative relationships. An opportunity for all is to get registered on They will provide assistance in obtaining funds for non-profits. Again, corporate sponsorship was seen as an opportunity. An opportunity to check with our neighboring associations (Michigan was mentioned) to determine how to collaborate more effectively in our region.

An opportunity exists to connect the websites of the various Volunteer Centers. Discussion about the SERVE IL website and its current limitations. Individual volunteer center websites cannot be represented on the SERVE IL website; the volunteer opportunities must be dumped from a national database.

Regional Survey

Hard to digest in a short period of time. Would have liked more time to review the survey. 112 of the respondents (almost half) were from the Northeast region. We know that there is extensive work experience among these respondents, they serve their community or county, almost 1/2 have more than 100 paid staff, most budgets are more than a million, most operate with a low volunteer budget, in-kind is $1000 or less, lots of resources not being tapped for the volunteer budget, funding is difficult, 1/3 of the respondents are not using youth under 18, many have more than 100 volunteers, Seniors often make up the majority of volunteers, on-line resources are mainly national websites, local community websites and agency's own website, many volunteers provide some type of educational services, most respondents have not participated in conferences or trainings. Interested in training in volunteer retention and screening/liability issues. Not all that aware of SERVE Illinois but may have learned about it through e-mail or a fair/meeting or training. Three big days of service: National Volunteer Week, Make a Difference Day, 9/11 Day of Remembrance.

No time to discuss the full survey report but awareness about the Serve Illinois website seems like a pressing issue. Growing awareness around the Americorps program is a need as well. What is it? How can agencies get involved in it?

Meetings for the Northeast Region

Decision to have quarterly meetings of the NE Region: Crystal Lake Joilet-Scott has a contact Chicago-CNCS Naperville or Wheaton-U of I Extension in Naperville is a possibility.

Regional Leadership Team will have conference calls bi-monthly. Dates to be determined. Scott will send out e-mail information for regional team members.

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