Northeast Meeting Notes - October 28, 2008 


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Small Group 1

Small group 1 discussed "ways Serve Illinois could provide volunteer recognition".

Recognition to volunteers

  • on the web page we suggest a "Member Spotlight" featuring volunteers from around the state
  • multiple recognition awards for volunteers nominated through the networks to the commissioners. One of the awards could be a scholarship to one of the regional conferences
  • recognition items with Serve Illinois logo - certificates, pins, etc
  • press releases from Serve Illinois to regional newspapers promoting volunteerism
  • press releases about National Volunteer Week, make a Difference Day, etc.

Recognition for volunteer coordinators and programs

  • a series of educational workshops around the state
  • an e-news aimed at volunteer coordinators featuring news from around the state, conferences, recognition ideas, etc
  • award or e-news or other way to recognize agencies for innovative recognition ideas or programs
  • regional conferences
  • e-link or e-network of all volunteer coordinators

Small Group 2

Small group 2 discussed "ways we as professionals can stay connected".

We did not get far in this discussion however the following things were brought up.

  • We all agreed that we need to have ways of staying connected as professionals.
  • When the use of technology was raised as a tool to stay connected, there was mixed reaction.
    • Some of us wholeheartedly believe that we need to use technology like cyberVPM
    • Others were skeptical about using computers and the internet for one more thing
  • Examples were raised of how we can stay connected beyond technology and the importance of socialization opportunities such as DAVA inviting volunteer directors to come together for food and drinks on International Volunteer Manager's Appreciation Day
  • It was mentioned that having associations like the NW Suburban Volunteer Manager Association, DAVA, AVA-MC, and the Northeast Regional VMN are great places to stay connected as well.
  • We all agreed we need more time to take to discuss this topic.

Prepared by:

  • Diane Ernst, Volunteer Coordinator, DuPage Children's Museum
  • Robert M. Bonesteel, Director, Volunteer Services Bureau, The Salvation Army - Central Territory
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