Southern Meeting Notes - January 20, 2010 


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Volunteer Management Network
Southern Illinois Regional Leadership Team Breakouts Planning Worksheet
January 20, 2010

Members Present

  • Judy Swinson
  • Mary Kay Bachman
  • Many Guinn
  • Suzanne Kutterer
  • Dave Warner
  • Coutney Goodman
  • Sharon Hamilton
  • Jane Angles


  • Create a Vibrant Volunteer Network in Southern Illinois

Opportunities for Southern Illinois

  • Engage, Share and Build a partnership to get access to skills in the community

Most Important Areas that the Serve Illinois Commission and VMN Should Focus

  • Intergeneration volunteering
  • Funding for additional volunteer programs

Three Most Pressing Needs

  • Communication (would like list serve)
  • Funding
  • Volunteer Educational programs
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