West Central Meeting Notes - March 15, 2010 


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  • Nancy Jameson
  • Scott McFarland
  • Karen Maulden-Curtis
  • Barb Byrnes
  • intern Lindsey
  • Mary Kubasak

On phone

Scott Niermann and Pam from Quincy Red Cross.

Regional Leadership Teams (RLT)

To keep the network concept sustainable, Regional Leadership Teams (RLT) will be organized in the five Volunteer Management Network (VMN) regions. Strategic partners have been chosen to be on the Regional Leadership Teams, looking at having a variety of disciplines represented. Members would serve a calendar year.

We discussed the purpose of Volunteer Management Network (VMN) and Regional Leadership Teams (RLT). Serve Illinois would like a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 Volunteer Management Network (VMN) meetings a year. They want them to be relevant to those attending. This group thought three would be a good number to attempt. They thought the first thirty minutes should be for updates, then the program. The group felt we needed more administrative help in convening the meetings, not just the SI staff. We should also encourage car pooling. We felt that better networking and training can come from regional meetings rather than just one city or county being represented.

Galesburg & Jacksonville

In the west central, we noted we would like to see Galesburg and Jacksonville become more active. Scott N. reminded people to let the staff and commissioners know our wishes. We went through the Service as a Strategy sheet in our packets. Also, we looked at the west central regional survey statistics. The May 5 VOAD meeting and May 11 Donors Forum, both in Springfield, were announced.

Planning Worksheet

We worked on the planning worksheet and answered the four questions.

  • Three opportunities for our region: look at conference session on Volunteer Center/web portal concepts; learn more about cities of service and contact local mayors; and participate in asset mapping an developing partnerships.
  • Statewide VMN focus: more recognition of Serve Illinois and explain the National Service connection better.
  • Most pressing needs for our region: need more education on in-kind donations (getting it, tracking, reporting, leverging) more training is needed and it should be advertised better.
  • We did the Project Inventory and set meeting dates.

Volunteer Management Network & Regional Leadership Team Meetings

Volunteer Management Network (VMN) Meetings

Dates for the Volunteer Management Network (VMN) and Regional Leadership Teams (RLT) were set as follows.

  • May 18, 1-3pm - Macomb (coordinated by Lindsey & Andrea)
  • August 18, 1-3pm - Peoria (coordinated by Lindsey)
  • WCIVC Conference in Macomb: October 28, 2010 (in lieu of a separate VMN Mtg.)

Regional Leadership Team (RLT) Meetings

  • Noon-1:00 for lunch on May 18 (prior to public meeting)
  • August 18 (prior to public meeting)
  • November 18 (for 2010 recap and planning for transition to 2011)

– Submitted by Mary Kubasak, Volunteer Services, WIU Office of Student Activities

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