West Central Meeting Notes - May 18, 2010 


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  • Karen Maulden-Curtis
  • Lindsey Reck (AmeriCorps*VISTA)
  • Mary Kubasak
  • Scott Niermann

Meeting Notes

The public portion of the meeting was cancelled because it is such a busy time that not enough publicity was generated to let people know about it. The Regional Leadership Team (RLT) did meet however. In the west central region, we noted we would like to see Galesburg and Jacksonville become more active. Scott reminded people to let the staff and commissioners know our wishes. He also asked that people help the West Central Volunteer Conference Committee advertise for presenters for the October 28 conference in Macomb. (The RFP is on the website, wcivc.info)

We discussed the purpose of Volunteer Management Network (VMN) and Regional Leadership Teams (RLT). We still believe the first thirty minutes of a VMN should be for updates, then the program. The programs must be on topics of enough current interest to get people to drive an hour or two to attend. The three topics for the August 18 meeting in Peoria will be: a short training on using volunteer portals, especially www.serve.illinois.gov; Volunteer Centers; and Cities of Service: Why and How to Apply.

We also discussed how many meetings a year would be best – enough to keep us on people's radar, but not so many that we didn't have meaningful topics for each one. Probably one or two meetings plus the conference work best for our region right now. We talked about the ICOVA Conference and the push there and elsewhere to "professionalize" the role of the volunteer administrator.

Future Meeting Dates

Meeting dates for the VMN and RLT which were set on March 15 are:

Volunteer Management Network (VMN) Meetings

  • August 18, 1 – 3pm, Peoria (coordinated by Lindsey)
  • October 28, 2010: WCIVC Conference in Macomb (in lieu of a separate Volunteer Management Network meeting)

Regional Leadership Team (RLT) Meetings

  • August 18 (prior to public meeting)
  • November 18 (for 2010 recap and planning for transition to 2011)

Submitted by: Mary Kubasak, Volunteer Services, WIU Office of Student Activities

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