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Illinois Lottery Wants You to Join Them in Raising a Hand
Black History Month Program Encourages Volunteerism in Illinois Public Schools

CHICAGO, IL (January 28, 2010) – The Illinois Lottery is continuing its mission of empoweringschools with the launch of RAISE A HAND ILLINOIS, a statewide volunteer effort to facilitate beautification efforts in local public schools. In honor of the heroes who fought for equality and education, RAISE A HAND ILLINOIS will take place in February during Black History Month in Chicago, Springfield, East St. Louis, and Rockford. Working with local radio personalities in each city, RAISE A HAND ILLINOIS will teach, inspire, and pass on good deeds to future generations.

Through Illinois Lottery’s partnership with Serve Illinois participating schools, the RAISE A HAND ILLINOIS program will demonstrate its commitment to providing enhanced schools for the youth of today. Volunteers in each market will sign-up at to participate in the beautification of local schools including activities such as painting, general cleaning, and grounds keeping. Serve Illinois will identify appropriate schools and coordinate the volunteer activities.

Volunteers will “RAISE A HAND” at the first community event on Saturday, February 6, in Chicago and subsequent events will follow in Springfield, East St. Louis, and Rockford during the month of February. Those who are unable to volunteer will be encouraged to participate by submitting $25 worth of qualifying, non-winning Illinois Powerball tickets to have their donation matched to the public school of their choice.

Volunteers will receive a limited edition RAISE A HAND ILLINOIS shirt and qualify to win great prizes in return for their generosity. For additional information on the RAISE A HAND ILLINOIS volunteer program, please visit

About Illinois Lottery
Founded in 1974, the Illinois Lottery is a state agency with annual sales over $2 billion. Since its inception, the Lottery has contributed more than $14 billion to the state Common School Fund to assist K-12 public schools. Players must be at least 18 years old. For more information on the Illinois Lottery please visit our Web site at

About Serve Illinois
The Serve Illinois Commission is a 25-member, bi-partisan board appointed by the Governor. Its mission is to improve Illinois communities by enhancing traditional volunteer activities and supporting national service programs. The Commission is accomplishing this mission through the support of local community-based efforts to enhance volunteer opportunities and the administration of Illinois' AmeriCorps program.

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