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Shared Services Center Created

On March 31, 2006, the Governor signed Executive Order 2006-06, pursuant to Illinois Statues, formally creating the Administrative & Regulatory Shared Services Center (ARSSC). The issuance of this Executive Order was a major milestone for the program, officially creating the ARSSC as a formal State entity and allowing it to begin acquiring the resources needed to provide services. The Executive Order also formally assigns the ARSSC the duties and responsibilities to fiscal and HR services for specific state agencies.


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SSC Operations and Structure

The ARSSC will be housed as a division within the Department of Revenue, but will function as a unique business unit.

As the ARSSC becomes operational, it will be responsible for providing direct fiscal/HR services and fiscal/HR support services to three state agencies:

  • Department of Central Management Services (CMS)
  • Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (DFPR)
  • Department of Revenue (REV)

While this reorganization will change the way many fiscal and HR services are provided internally, these agencies will retain the responsibility and resources to perform their respective core missions, providing services to the People of Illinois.

Governor's Office Diagram

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Key Leadership Appointed

In July 2006, the State of Illinois officially created the new leadership posts within each Shared Services Center and promoted experienced state government leaders to each of the new positions.  These leaders bring decades of experience in fiscal and HR administration, as well as workforce training, change management and public affairs.  This blend of talent, experience and skills will help drive the successful implementation and future operations of the Shared Services Program.

David Hunt

David Hunt, Center Director

With over 25 years of fiscal experience in state government, David brings an unparalleled level of expertise and institutional knowledge of state government operations. The majority of his tenure has been at the State’s Department of Revenue, where he has served for the previous 11 years as the agency’s Chief Financial Officer. David notably was a key player in overseeing the coordination of three financial centers that occurred following the 2003 merger of the Department of Revenue, State Lottery, and the Illinois Gaming Board. This experience will lend itself to the re-organization inherent in the implementation of the Shared Services Program. As Center Director, he will oversee all operations of the Administrative/Regulatory Shared Services Center.

Travis March

Travis March, Chief Fiscal Officer

Travis brings over 18 years of fiscal experience in state government, which began back in 1988 when he first served as an Ira Loeb Fellow with the Illinois Secretary of State. Since then, Travis’s tenure has included a 10-year stint with the Secretary of State’s Office of Budget and Fiscal Management, followed by a 4-year stint in the as the Director of Operations and Fiscal Management in the Office of the Governor. Most recently, Travis worked for the last 4 years as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, where he helped oversee the merger of four separate financial departments. As the CFO, Travis will oversee all fiscal operations for the A&R Shared Services Center.

Christy Shewmaker

Christy Shewmaker, Human Resources Director

Christy Shewmaker brings over 30 years of State HR experience in a number of HR-related roles at various agencies, including the Department of Military Affairs, the former Department of Rehabilitation Services, Department of Employment Security, the former Department of Public Aid, and Department of Human Services, most recently serving as the Human Resource Director for the Department of Central Management Services. Her experience includes multiple facets of personnel management, in addition to managing several previous consolidations and mergers of HR divisions. As HR Director, Christy will oversee all HR operations for the A&R Shared Services Center.

Shelly Martin

Shelly Martin, Administrative Director

Shelly Martin brings 12 years of auditing and management experience in State government. Her experience began as an internal auditor in the Department of Transportation. From there, Shelly went into internal auditing at CMS to eventually serve as Chief Internal Auditor for CMS. Shelly was then heavily involved in the 2004 extensive reorganization and consolidation of statewide internal auditing into CMS and then served as a Deputy to the State Chief Internal Auditor. Most recently, Shelly worked as the Chief Knowledge Officer for CMS, where she was involved in the development and implementation of the new statewide procurement knowledge management program. As Administrative Director, Shelly will be responsible for coordinating day to day activities within the Center as well as managing all internal administrative functions.

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A&R Center Frequently Asked Questions

The Shared Services Team’s announcement to transition certain fiscal/HR employees to the A&R Center in FY08 has spurred many questions from employees about how their worklives will be affected. The .pdf document download below lists many of the questions/concerns that have been voiced and the Shared Services Team’s responses. Employees should feel free to add questions by emailing the program leadership directly:

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