Current Efforts 


The Shared Services Program is currently in the midst of its second major phase, which is commonly known as "Phase II – Design." While this phase encompasses many various projects, the most critical are those activities associated with three main areas or "Scopes":

Scope A:

This scope focuses on the "Design Process." In this undertaking, Subject Matter Experts representing each of the "Scope A" agencies work together to design more efficient and effective fiscal and HR processes. The goal of these Process Design Sessions is to produce "Process Design Books," which specifically map out these "to-be" processes.

Scope B:

This scope focuses on the "Validation Process," in which Subject Matter Experts from each of the "Scope B" agencies can review and critique the proposed "to-be" process designs produced by the Scope A Process Design Sessions. While similar to Scope A sessions in their collaborative nature, these Validation Sessions are principally focused on determining which needs specific to the Scope B agencies are not met by these process designs and how the process designs could be amended to do so.

Scope C:

This Scope focuses on the IT needs related to the program. The goal of this scope is to perform the initial IT planning and design, as well as to document and inventory all of the technology needs that must be met in order to support the process designs being produced by scopes A and B.

The overall goal of these three scopes is to create a focused RFP for technology solutions that will support the redesigned processes in the future Shared Services environment.

Phase II Design Diagram


Scope Agencies Diagram
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