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  • The Shared Services Program is a multi-year statewide initiative to improve fiscal and human resources service delivery through:
    • Organizational change
    • Business process reengineering
    • Information technology transformation
  • The Shared Services Program has racked up a number of wide-ranging accomplishments including:
    • Designed, staffed and launched two shared services centers providing human resources and fiscal services to over 10 agencies encompassing over 20k state employees
    • Mobilized hundreds of state employees to standardize human resources and fiscal business processes across 25 largest state agencies
    • Procured and launched implementation of best of breed timekeeping solution for all state employees
    • Commenced procurement of enterprise resource planning software which will supplant hundreds of outdated fiscal and human resources systems identified by project’s detailed fiscal and human resources application profile database
    • Created multiple intranet sites facilitating online collaboration in support of all of the above
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