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Shared Services Center Created

On March 31, 2006, the Governor signed Executive Order 2006-06, pursuant to Illinois Statues, formally creating the Public Safety Shared Services Center (PSSSC). The issuance of this Executive Order was a major milestone for the program, officially creating the PSSSC as a formal State entity and allowing it to begin acquiring the resources needed to provide services. The Executive Order also formally assigns the PSSSC the duties and responsibilities to fiscal and HR services for specific state agencies.


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PSSSC Operations and Structure

The PSSSC will be housed as a division within the Department of Corrections, but will function as a unique business unit.

As the PSSSC becomes operational, it will be responsible for providing direct fiscal/HR services and fiscal/HR support services to eight state agencies:

  • Department of Corrections (DOC)
  • Illinois State Police (ISP)
  • Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM)
  • Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA)
  • Department of Military Affairs (DMA)
  • Department of Juvenile Justice (DOJJ)
  • Prisoner Review Board (PRB)
  • Criminal Justice Information Authority (CJIA)

While this reorganization will change the way many fiscal and HR services are provided internally, public safety agencies will retain the responsibility and resources to perform their respective core missions, providing services to the People of Illinois.

Governor's Office Diagram
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Key Leadership Appointed

In July 2006, the State of Illinois officially created the new leadership posts within each Shared Services Center and promoted experienced state government leaders to each of the new positions. These leaders bring decades of experience in fiscal and HR administration, as well as workforce training, change management and public affairs. This blend of talent, experience and skills will help drive the successful implementation and future operations of the Shared Services Program.


Bill Edley

Bill Edley, Center Director

A former investment manager, small business owner, university trustee, three-term Illinois State Representative and senior fiscal officer for a major state agency, Bill Edley combines nearly thirty years of experience in public and private sector financial management as well as extensive experience in coalition-building and outreach. Most recently he served as the Chief of Administration for the Department of Corrections, overseeing all personnel and financial operations for the fifth largest agency in state government. Throughout his career, Bill has consistently been recognized as a leader who can successfully bring people together to identify problems and find solutions, as demonstrated by the various civic awards bestowed upon him as “Legislator of the Year” during his service in the General Assembly. As Center Director, he will oversee all operations of the Public Safety Shared Services Center.

Rochelle Hardy

Rochelle Hardy, Chief of Administration

With a professional background of over 25 years in accounting, finance, and information technology in both government and the private sector, Rochelle brings a unique and valuable perspective to the Shared Services Program. Most recently, Rochelle served for the past 1 ½ years as the Chief Fiscal Officer for the Illinois State Police. Prior to that, she also worked for six years as the Director of Information Systems for County of Kenosha (WI). In the private sector, Rochelle held various positions where she demonstrated expertise in fiscal, IT and professional development of staff. As Chief of Administration, Rochelle will oversee the integration and maintenance of the business redesign and IT processes for Public Safety agencies.

Tony Small

Tony Small, Chief Fiscal Officer

Tony Small brings over 21 years of hands-on professional experience in policy development, operations and fiscal/budgetary matters. For the last three years he has served as the Deputy Director of Finance and Administration at the Department of Corrections. Previously, he also worked in the Governor's Office of Management and Budget. As the CFO, Tony will oversee all fiscal operations for the Public Safety Shared Services Center.

Mary Ann Pollard

Mary Ann Pollard, Human Resources Director

Mary Ann has over 21 years of experience in the HR and training fields. For 15 years, she worked in various leadership positions in the Job Training Partnership Program, a federal workforce advancement program administered by the former Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs. She also worked for 3 years at the Millikin Institute (Millikin University) as a training consultant for businesses and organizations. Most recently, she served as Bureau Chief for Employee Services at IDOT, followed by a period of serving as the Bureau Chief for Human Resources at the Illinois State Police. In the Public Safety Shared Services Center, Mary Ann will oversee all HR operations.

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