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Advisory Groups and Reports 


Illinois Discharged Servicemember Task Force (DSTF)

Pursuant to Public Act 95-294, effective August 20, 2007, the State of Illinois created the Illinois Discharged Servicemember Task Force (DSTF).  The mission of DSTF is to investigate the re-entry process for servicemembers who return to civilian life after being engaged in an active theatre.  In order to accomplish this mission, DSTF convenes a team of experienced, professional veteran advocates and community leaders to analyze major issue areas and develop strategic policy recommendations.  DSTF’s strategic policy recommendations are published yearly in the DSTF Annual Report.

DSTF -- Member List [PDF]
Illinois Discharged Servicemember Task Force -- 2014 Annual Report [PDF, 4MB]
Illinois Discharged Servicemember Task Force -- 2013 Annual Report [low res] (PDF, 5MB)
Illinois Discharged Servicemember Task Force -- 2012 Annual Report (PDF, 1MB)

Illinois Veterans’ Advisory Council (IVAC)

The Illinois Veterans’ Advisory Council (IVAC) was established effective July 1, 2004, by Public Act 93-0779 on July 21, 2004.  IVAC meets quarterly as required and is available to meet at the call of the Chair or at the call of IDVA or the Governor.  The Council is empowered to:

  • Advise IDVA respect to the fulfillment of its statutory duties.
  • Review and study the issues and concerns that are most significant to Illinois veterans and advise the Department on those issues and concerns
  • Receive a report from IDVA or the Director’s designee at each meeting with respect to the general activities of the Department.
  • Report to the Governor and the General Assembly annually describing the issues addressed and the actions taken by the council during the year as well as any recommendations for future action.

IVAC Member List -- FY 2014 (PDF, 349KB) 

IVAC Meeting Notice and Agenda December 2014 (PDF, 104 KB) 

  • Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs Annual Report

    Pursuant to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Act (20 ILCS 2805), IDVA must produce and publish annuals reports to the Governor regarding the administration and general operation of the Department.  The IDVA Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of departmental programs and activities, as well as a general summary of new and ongoing strategic initiatives pertinent to pressing issues of the day.

  •  IDVA -- FY 2014 Annual Report (PDF, 1.3MB)
  •  IDVA -- FY 2013 Annual Report (PDF, 1.8MB)
  • IDVA -- FY 2012 Annual Report (PDF, 2.0MB)

  • Illinois Joining Forces Annual Summaries

    The mission of Illinois Joining Forces is to establish, maintain, and nurture a state-wide public and private organizational network that will identify, collaborate, and marshal available resources and services in order to create efficient access and delivery of these program to the state's military and veteran communities. Every year, IJF produces a summary report that outlines recent initiatives, events, and action-steps taken to increase IJF's effectiveness in serving the servicemember, veteran, and military families population in the State of Illinois.  For more information on IJF, visit

  • IJF -- FY 2014 Annual Summary (PDF, 1.8MB)
  • IJF -- FY 2013 Annual Summary (PDF, 1.6MB)