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Video & Satellite 

Video Production Image of a video production booth

Video production services are available for remote and studio productions of state government news coverage, public service announcements, interviews, educational or informational programs, and official events around the State of Illinois. These productions can be live and/or taped. We also provide editing and duplication of videos upon request.

As part of a marketing campaign, we also write, hire actors, produce, edit and buy time for tv and radio commercials. See our work below:


Duplication Services

We also provide editing and duplication of videos upon request.

Satellite Services

We provide coverage of state government news conferences and events around the state, which can be available the same day via satellite to TV stations throughout the state and nation. Uplinks usually consist of 15 to 30-minute windows featuring the event and extra footage for station use. Satellite services are available for a fee to state government entities and private businesses.

Broadcast Quality Video Files

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