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Guidance Relating to Nondiscrimination in Healthcare Services in Illinois

On June 12, 2020, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced it will remove the explicit nondiscrimination protections for transgender individuals and other vulnerable populations under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This rule creates confusion about the right of everyone in the LGBTQ+ community, and specifically transgender individuals, to receive healthcare free from discrimination. The IDHR, coordinating with the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, and the Illinois Department of Insurance, released guidance that clarifies the 2020 Final Rule's impact on residents of Illinois, identifies the protections from discrimination that exist in State law, and reminds the healthcare community of their ongoing obligations to deliver healthcare services in a non-discriminatory manner. You may review that guidance in this document

Reporting Adverse Judgments and Administrative Rulings under 5/2-108

Beginning July 1, 2020, and by each July 1 thereafter, each employer that had an adverse judgment or administrative ruling against it in the preceding calendar year shall disclose annually to the Department of Human Rights, the following information: the total number of adverse judgments or administrative rulings during the preceding year; whether any equitable relief was ordered; and the number of adverse judgements or administrative rulings entered against the employer within specific categories outlined in Section 2-108(B) of the Illinois Human Rights Act.

Download the FAQ for Employers under Section 5/2-108 for more information.     (Chinese)  (Polish)  (Spanish)

To report adverse judgments or administrative rulings download the Form IDHR 2-108.


Updated IDHR Procedures during COVID-19 Pandemic

How do I file a charge of discrimination during the COVID-19 pandemic? Charges of discrimination can be filed during the COVID-19 pandemic by:

1)      Email: an IDHR Complainant Information Sheet (CIS) to:

2)      Fax:     an IDHR Complainant Information Sheet (CIS) to:  312-814-6251, Attn: Intake Unit.

3)      Mail:   an IDHR Complainant Information Sheet (CIS) to:             

                Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR)
                Attn: Intake Unit
                100 W Randolph St, Ste. 10-100    Chicago, IL  60601

You may download an IDHR Complainant Information Sheets (CIS).  For more information, please review our Frequently Asked Questions page on the IDHR's updated procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Para hispanohablantes, puede ver Las Preguntas Frecuentes.  

Non-Discrimination Guidance in Medical Treatment

Additionally, the IDHR released Guidance Relating to Non-discrimination in Medical Treatment for COVID-19.  You may review that guidance in this document.

FAQ for Businesses Concerning Use of Face Coverings During COVID-19

This FAQ is intended to provide guidance regarding the application of the face-covering requirement in Executive Order 2020-32 for businesses and other places of public accommodation subject to Article 5 of the Illinois Human Rights Act, 775 ILCS 5/

Download the FAQ for Businesses Concerning Use of Face-Coverings During COVID-19 program for more information. 

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The Illinois Department of Human Rights administers the Illinois Human Rights Act ("Act"). The "Act" prohibits discrimination in Illinois with respect to employment, financial credit, public accommodations, housing and sexual harassment, as well as sexual harassment in education. A discrimination charge can be initiated by calling, writing or appearing in person at the Department’s Chicago or Springfield office within 300 days of the date the alleged discrimination took place in all cases except housing discrimination (one year filing deadline).

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Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Helpline Harassment & Discrimination HelplineYou have a right to be free of sexual harassment in the work place, housing, educational or business environment. IDHR's sexual harrassment website provides the necessary resources and assistance in the filing of sexual harassment complaints.
Employment Charge of Discrimination Charge of DiscriminationIDHR investigates charges of Employment discrimination filed against private employers, state or local government, unions and employment agencies.  Individuals can also be charges in some cases.
Fair Housing Education and Outreach Housing Education and OutreachIn addition to receiving and investigating complaints of discrimination in housing, the Fair Housing Division conducts presentations for government agencies and community-based groups regarding fair housing rights under the Illinois Human Rights Act, which can be modified to meet the specific needs of the agency or group.

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