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SAC Grant 

The federal grant funds the Office of Early Childhood Development (OECD) and five objectives: Hard to Reach, Data Collection, Space Capacity and Facility Improvement , Workforce Development , and Community Collaboration.

Hard to Reach

  • Itentify tools to reach the families in greatest need
  • Updated PFA RFP to include this compondent
  • Work with private partners, and Universities to survey low income families


  • Gather data on current early childhood programs
  • Create statewide data system to measure school rediness outcomes and help parents identify quality early childhood programs

Space Capacity and Facility Improvement

  • Provide grants to improve early childhood center facilities
  • Increase the space capacity in communities to serve children in high quality classrooms, in areas of greatest need.

Workforce Development

  • Support scholarships for teachers and professional development opportunities for teachers and universities
  • Set standards for early childhood certificates
  • Increase cultural and linguistic competency

Community Collaboration

  • Create toolkits for models of community collaboration
  • Work with communities to align services around early childhood education and home visiting

First Annual State Advisory Council Report 2010-2011

Illinois State Advisory Council application [PDF, 433KB]