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Sister Schools Partnership Registration 

Join the Sister School Initiative!   

Governor Quinn is excited to invite students across the State to join him in strengthening Illinois’ relationship with China!  During the Governor’s recent trade mission to Asia, he signed many export agreements in China to bolster Illinois’ economy.  In addition to these agreements, recognizing the important role of education in securing our economic well-being the Governor also signed a memorandum of understanding creating the Sister Schools Initiative .  This agreement provides an opportunity for Illinois schools to partner with their Chinese counterparts promoting cultural and linguistic appreciation amongst the next generation of global citizens. 

Participating classes will be connected with a class of a similar age group from the Zhejiang Province to engage in classroom collaborations.  How classes choose to connect is flexible in order to accommodate the interests and abilities of participants but exchanges could range from shared lesson plans and class blogs to email “pen pal” exchanges to student or faculty exchanges.  We look forward to supporting the creative work of classes and are open to other innovative forms of collaboration. 



How to Join

For more information on the Sister Schools Initiative, please see this overview document

Interested classes should register below.  Upon completing registration, you will enter the applicant database and will be contacted over the coming weeks for follow up. 

While additional information may be made available via this webpage, please note that participation is voluntary and no resources have been dedicated to this initiative for planning or participation at this time.  We encourage you to consider this information while choosing the forms of participation your class is interested in taking a part.    

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What forms of participation are you interested in?