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  3. Boards and Commissions

Boards and Commissions 

The HFS Boards and Commissions oversee and advise Illinois' elected officials, state agencies and organizations on a wide range of issues that affect the public welfare.

These boards and commissions also play a vital role in promoting efficient, effective, and honest government.

This listing below makes it easy for you to learn more about HFS Boards and Commissions and their membership.

Listing of HFS Boards and Commissions

Breast Cancer Quality Screening and Treatment Initiative Advisory Board (BCQSTI)

Child Support Advisory Committee

Cross Agency Medicaid Commission (CAM)

Dental Policy Review Committee (Dental)

Drug Utilization Review Board (DUR Board) 

Hemophilia Advisory Review Board (Hemophilia)

Medicaid Advisory Committee (MAC)

Renal Disease Advisory Committee (Renal)