Advancing Illinois

​The Illinois Competitiveness Council, which is composed of over forty agencies, boards, and commissions, seeks to advance Illinois by cutting red tape, by improving Illinois' economic climate, and by fostering government efficiency and accountability. To advance Illinois, these success stories are a result of regulatory and operational changes occurring within Illinois governmental agencies to effect positive changes. By streamlining staff operations and implementing new technologies, these initiatives are saving taxpayers money.

 Success Stories
Rapid Results Initiatives
The Department of Corrections (DOC) Rapid Results team launched more than 50 initiatives aimed at improving employee work processes and delivering essential services with less waste.
Attacking waste in Dollars to Effect Change that Makes Sense
Central Management Services has created the Office of Rapid Results to lessen ineffectual processes and systems throughout Illinois State government.
Identifying Compliance Measures Outside of Formal Enforcement
The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) is ensuring permit compliance by small sized wastewater treatment plants outside of formal enforcement measures to save staff resources.
Online License Renewal System
The Illinois Liquor Control Commission implemented a new electronic system to allow applicants to renew their licenses online.
Advocating For Those Who Cannot Advocate for Themselves
In evaluating the advocacy needs of multiple types of clients, the Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission is effectuating necessary protections for vulnerable populations throughout Illinois.
Providing Timely Services to Those in Need
The Department of Human Services is improving its internal external processes to better prioritize the needs of their clients.
Improving Supplier Diversity within Illinois Public Utilities
Realizing the disparities in diversity among suppliers to Illinois public utilities, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) is providing training services in coordination with the five largest Illinois public utilities to ensure procurement opportunities
Consolidating, Eliminating and Optimizing for the State of Illinois
Through effective management and re-organization practices, the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) is delivering upgraded performance and cost savings.
Illinois Leads Way as a Smart State
The Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT) is advancing Illinois’ technology services and transforming Illinois into a “Smart State.”
Helping Those who Provide Needed Services to Illinois
The Business Enterprise Program (BEP) through Central Management Services (CMS) is delivering effective processes to better aid minority, women owned and persons with disabilities to become vendors with the State of Illinois.
Fostering Children by Adopting Technology
The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services is addressing the timely and complicated process of becoming a licensed foster parent by enacting an online pilot program.
Prioritizing Labor Costs for the Educational Labor Relations Board
The Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board is saving time and money by consolidating the use of resources.
Training Offenders Skills While Incarcerated to Prevent Re-Entry into the Prison System
The Illinois Department of Corrections is providing essential skill training to offenders while in prison to provide tools for their success in Illinois communities.
Clarifying Taxability of Shipping and Handling Charges
The Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) provided relief for businesses by affording guidance on taxable delivery charges.
Matching Federal Guidelines for Tax Return Extensions for Corporations and Partnerships
Through the necessary matching tax provisions for corporations and partnerships, the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) is meeting taxpayer expectations with defined due dates.
Delivering Online Transaction Capabilities for Transportation Businesses
To provide efficiencies in accordance with the federally mandated Unified Carrier Registration requirements, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) is providing online services to transportation businesses.
Prioritizing Significance versus Unnecessary Oversight for State-Owned Property
Central Management Services (CMS) executed a policy negating requirement of all state-owned property to have a tag.
Keeping Judges Accountable and Efficient
Central Management Services (CMS) has provided timely administrative hearings through cross training of Administrative Law Judges while still ensuring legal integrity.
Eliminating the Stigma for Ex-Offenders
By partnering with local community organizations and Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) staff, IDOC is eliminating the stigma for those released from correctional facilities.
Recycling for Profit
Realizing the cost benefits, the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) implemented a recycling program at Shawnee Correctional Center which generates additional revenue for the Department.
Cutting Waste for IllinoisTaxpayers
The Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) is reducing costs by cutting out unnecessary trash collection at the Hill Correctional Center.
Improving Departmental Efficiencies to Improve the Lives of Youth
Through better identification of best practices to address the large juvenile prison population and improve departmental efficiencies, the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (IDJJ) is instituting best practices to reduce the population and provide th
Reducing Recidivism Through Illinois ID Cards
To reduce the recidivism rates for Illinois juveniles being released from Illinois Youth Centers, IDJJ has worked to eliminate some of the barriers that youth face when obtaining an Illinois ID card from the Secretary of State.
Modernizing Outdated Administrative Rules
The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC) is standardizing processes for filing and handling of cases for saving time and money.