Attacking waste in Dollars to Effect Change that Makes Sense

Under the direction of Deputy Governor Trey Childress and the Transformation Metrics team, Central Management Services (CMS) established the Office of Rapid Results. This department is tasked with increasing efficiency and lowering state government costs. The Rapid Results program has a mission of engaging employees throughout Illinois government to harness their ideas in delivering services faster, better, and with fewer resources. By fostering proven methods from the private sector, the program centers on intensive class training and identified projects. This program gives employees tools to express their ideas and identify processes for improving internal operations.

Training: From its inception in early 2016, the program has trained more than 694 state employees throughout the State of Illinois resulting in 200 individual rapid results projects. These projects have generated $1,235,794 in annual cost savings for Illinois taxpayers with a combined savings of 81,719 employee hours re-deployed to other areas.

Reducing Backlog and Processing Times:  Due to the Rapid Results programs, CMS’ Bureau of Personnel was able to reduce the backlog of 8,500 promotional applications from 16 weeks to less than six weeks processing time.

Additionally, in addressing the dissatisfaction with the annual processing time for the CMS-104 forms for each position in state government, the Bureau of Personnel Classification Services established an electronic process for the transmittal of CMS-104 forms. This grants agencies permission to view and access their official CMS-104 descriptions via digital file storage system rather than relying solely on hard copy files. This equates to a reduction of staff processing time by an average of 1,247,090 hours.