Customer Service with a Smile

​Without any new hiring, the Department of Public Health’s Division of Vital Records figured out how to do more with less.  It implemented same-day service for walk-in customers at the service window who requested birth and death records. Previously, customers had a one-week waiting period before they could receive their documents. Today, records are produced within 15 minutes.  Not only is this change an improvement in services, but it has also resulted in a saving for processing, postage, and supplies.  The number of customer complaints at the window and calls concerning the delivery of documents has been dramatically reduced.  The service improvement is reflected in the number of these documents produced each week; 50 documents per week were produced before the change and that’s up to an average of 160 documents per week, with a high mark of 250 per week.  The improved customer experience has reduced significantly the number of customer complaints and calls for status updates of document requests.