Modernizing Outdated Administrative Rules

Through a comprehensive review and rewriting of its Administrative Rules, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC) has received authorization for and begun implementing standardized processes for filing and handling of administrative cases for increased transparency and efficiencies. The IWCC’s rule changes allow for electronic filing of documents using a system currently being designed and implemented by WorkComp Strategies, a subject matter expert consulting firm. The e-filing system will enact savings to both the parties and Commission staff. In addition to implementing electronic filing for workers’ compensation cases, recipients of Rate Adjustment Fund benefits, some of Illinois’ most vulnerable citizens, are now able to return their annual affidavits electronically, alleviating the burdens of travel and processing fees. Additionally, the Commission will begin storing all necessary files electronically, reducing waste and unnecessary use of resources, while freeing up space for paper files and allowing the Commission to better-allocate its staff resources and human capital with less redundant filing and scanning of documents.