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Our mission is to provide economic opportunities for businesses, entrepreneurs, and residents that improve the quality of life for all Illinoisans. We are laser-focused on improving transparency and accountability, enhancing customer service, increasing Illinois’ competitiveness, advancing minority empowerment, modernizing Illinois’ workforce, and elevating our state’s promotional efforts.
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Start a Business
We offer a wide range of resources for those looking to start a business any where in Illinois. Find information on all the help we offer here
Job Openings in Illinois
Use the Illinois workNet JobFinder to find recent job listings that best fit your skills and interests.
Recruit & Hire Employees
The resources here will help you explore recruiting opportunities, post jobs, find local events (like job fairs in your area), and learn about special programs.
Submit a Potential Film Location
Productions are always looking for the perfect location to film. Submit your location and maybe see your property on tv.
Find Things to Do in Illinois
Find activities in every corner of the state
Illinois Community Services Search
The Illinois Department of Commerce administers several programs and services that are designed to strengthen Illinois communities, improve energy efficiency, build neighborhoods, and create opportunities.
Illinois Travel Kits & Guides Online Ordering
Find the Illinois travel magazine and sign up for our weekly newsletter
Layoff Assistance Guide
After a layoff you may need specific resources to help you recover. Use this resource to find short-term recovery programs, like Unemployment Insurance, and others that can help you get back on your feet.
Locate a Facility for a Sporting Event
A comprehensive list of the 1,200 sporting venues across the state for everything from PGA tournaments to Olympic trials
Locate A Venue For A Meeting/Convention
A comprehensive list of the hundreds of venues across the state perfect for your next meeting or conference
Meeting or Convention Request for Proposal
Reach out to our CVB professionals to help you plan your next event
Find Community Profiles
Data and information on your local community
Find Group Tour Opportunities
Experience a new adventure on one of these exciting Illinois tours
Find Hotel Packages & Deals
Travel deals for fun across the state
Locate Illinois University Research Centers
Illinois is home to world class research instutions. Find a list of them here
Connect To Job Education & Training Opportunities
These articles cover resources and tools to plan and participate in training opportunities and connect to financial support to become qualified in your career field.
Locate Commercial & Industrial Sites & Building Locations
A tool to help you locate commercial and industrial sites for your business
Career Interests & Skills Assessment
​Start exploring your skills and interests while also discovering new career paths with the skills and interest surveys on Illinois workNet (provided by CIS brought to you by IDES).
Find Incubators & Research Parks
Sports Event Venue
A comprehensive list of the 1,200 sporting venues across the state for everything from PGA tournaments to Olympic trials
Protect My Invention, Product, or Idea
Find information on trademarks, patents and other copyright laws to help protect your intellectual property
Find Business Planning Assistance
Resources for your quest to start a new small business here in Illinois
Find Marketing & Product Development Assistance
Local and regional business guides
Find State Business Development Loan Programs
Find State Business Tax Incentives Programs
Illinois offers a competitive range of incentives for locating and expanding your business
Job Searching
Find tips on interviewing and the job search, including getting and keeping your job.
Prepare For A Job Search, & Interview
These articles cover resources and tools to help you get a job or start a business.
Save Money with Illinois Energy Star Rebates
Plan an Illinois Getaway
Find activities in every corner of the state
Corporate Accountability
Illinois Corporate Accountability Progress Reports
Illinois workNet Online Resume Builder
A comprehensive tool to help you build your resume and stand out from the crowd
Educate & Train Your Employees
Employer-based training programs that aim to keep your business and employees competitive
Illinois Demographic Data
Get State Assistance for Energy Bills during the Winter
The Illinois Home Weatherization Assistance Program (IHWAP) helps low income residents and households conserve fuel and reduce energy costs by making their homes more energy efficient.