Insurance Department of
DOI’s mission is to protect consumers by providing assistance and information, by efficiently regulating the insurance industry's market behavior and financial solvency, and by fostering a competitive insurance marketplace.
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Obtain Health Insurance Assistance
A free consumer assistance resource that helps you with health insurance questions and complaints.
File a Consumer Insurance Complaint
You can submit a complaint against a company or producer with DOI. Complaints are confidential records and will not be released to any person or organization except the policyholder, insured or enrollee who originated the complaint. license-search
Insurance Producer / Provider License Search
The purpose of this service is to advise Illinois companies of DOI's procedures and guidelines regarding producer licensing.
Insurance Pre-Licensing & Continuing Education Providers
Here DOI provides information on educational training programs that will satisfy the state of Illinois insurance pre-license education requirements.
Report Workers Compensation Fraud
Workers Comp Fraud costs Illinois taxpayers millions of dollars each year. Please provide information in matters you'd like DOI to investigate where someone may be committing fraud.
Health Care Provider Complaint Form
DOI makes sure all insurance companies, HMOs, producers selling insurance in Illinois and other regulated entities obey state insurance laws. The Department provides consumer information and investigates complaints about companies and producers.
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