Insurance Department of
Our mission is to protect consumers by providing assistance and information, by efficiently regulating the insurance industry's market behavior and financial solvency, and by fostering a competitive insurance marketplace.
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File a Consumer Insurance Complaint
You can file a consumer insurance complaint with IDOI. The Department investigates complaints regarding insurance carriers, brokers and agents to help protect consumers and ensure that all entities licensed by IDOI are in compliance with state and federal laws. license-search
Insurance Producer / Provider License Search
Consumers can look up producers/agents to find out if they are licensed. Illinois insurance producers/agents can connect to NAIC SBS to find NPNs and education providers, print their insurance licenses, and update contact information.
Get Covered Illinois
Get covered, stay covered and stay healthy with Get Covered Illinois. Get Covered Illinois (GCI) is the official ACA Health Insurance Marketplace for the state of Illinois, helping you shop for health insurance to fit your needs and budget. GCI is a division of the Illinois Department of Insurance (IDOI).
Insurance Pre-Licensing & Continuing Education
IDOI's procedures and guidelines regarding producer licensing. The Department also provides information to insurance producers/agents about pre-licensing, continuing education and license renewals to meet insurance licensing requirements in Illinois.
Complaint Form for Health Care Providers
Health care providers can file complaints against a health insurance company, including on behalf of a patient. IDOI will investigate to ensure that insurance companies, HMOs, producers/agents selling health insurance in Illinois and other regulated entities follow state insurance laws
Auto Insurance
IDOI insurance analysts can explain the auto insurance claims process, including how to file a claim with another driver’s insurance company, procedures for policy cancellations and non-renewals, and give guidance to drivers unable to obtain auto insurance.
Office of Consumer Health Insurance (OCHI)
Office of Consumer Health Insurance (OCHI) OCHI can answer questions about your current health insurance plan, explain policies and policyholder rights, provide guidance on how to file appeals and complaints, and provide resources through the “Uninsured Ombudsman Program.”
Life Insurance Policy Locator
This IDOI online service can assist consumers in locating and identifying individual life insurance policies or annuity contracts of a deceased family member.
Workers Compensation Fraud
Workers’ Comp Fraud costs Illinois taxpayers millions of dollars each year. If you suspect someone may be committing workers’ comp fraud, contact IDOI to investigate.
Homeowners and Renters Insurance
IDOI insurance analysts can explain what homeowners insurance policies cover, the claims process after a disaster, provide information on how to help lower premiums, and give guidance to homeowners who have not been able to obtain property insurance.