Commerce Commission, Illinois
The ICC's mission is to balance the interests of consumers and utilities to ensure adequate, efficient, reliable, safe and least-cost public utility services.

Find a Certified Public Utility
Search companies registered with the Commision
Compare Your Electric Utility Choices
Learn about electric competition and how to choose a supplier
Public Utility Docket Search
Search Commission cases
Find a Motor Carrier/Trucker
Search motor carriers and towers licensed by the Commission
Railroad Grade Crossing Search
Search railroad grade crossings by county
Ameren Energy Assistance
Consumer Services: Educate consumers on utility issues, help resolve customer/utility disputes Transportation: Oversees trucking insurance and registration, railroad safety, relocation and safety towing, household goods moving companies
ComEd Energy Assistance
Information on utility financial assistance
Register Motor Carrier
Information on Public Carrier Certificate and Certificate of Exemption
Find Certified Water Utilities
Search water utilities registered with the Commission
Lifeline and Link-Up Telephone Assistance Programs
Low-income consumers may qualify for assistance to help pay for installation of telephone service and monthly charges for local phone service
File Railroad Safety Complaint
File a railroad safety complaint
Report a JULIE (Dig) violation
How to report an underground utility violation
File a Public Utility Complaint
You can ask a question or file a utility complaint with the Commission
Railroad crossing and collision Statistics
Railroad crossing and collision statistics
Railroad Safety Education
Information dealing with railroad safety, education and outreach
Reduce Energy Usage & Cut Energy Costs
Information to assist with reducing energy usage
Comment on a Public Utility Case
Illinois consumers have the option to file a public comment regarding any case being considered by the Commission
Find a Licensed Household Good Mover
Search Household Good Movers licensed by the Commission
Find Certified Sewer Utilities
Search sewer utilities registered with the Commission