Environmental Protection Agency
The mission of the Illinois EPA is to safeguard environmental quality, consistent with the social and economic needs of the State, so as to protect health, welfare, property and the quality of life.

Vehicle Emissions Test Location Search
Use the Testing Station Locator to find a vehicle emissions test station near you. You will also be able to view wait times and get directions.
Test My Vehicle for Emissions
General information on Vehicle Emissions Testing including links to test station locator. Additional information is available at
Drinking Water Watch
Drinking Water Watch provides online information on the quality of water produced by community water supplies in Illinois.
Waste Management Permits
You may need a permit or approval from the Division of Land Pollution Control of the Bureau of Land if you manage municipal or industrial waste.
Environmental Database Searches
Search the Illinois EPA Agency inventory for facility information.
Public Water Supply Permits
New and existing public water supplies which intend to construct new water supply facilities, modify existing treatment facilities or equipment, or extend water mains are required to obtain a construction permit from the Division of Public Water Supplies. Public water suppliers are also required to obtain an operating permit before putting newly constructed equipment, facilities or mains into operation.
Find Environmental Resources & Regulations
Statues, Rules and Regulations for the Environmental Protection Agency.
Resources on Lead
Links to helpful information regarding Lead in Drinking Water, Testing for Lead in Schools/Daycares, Lead Poisoning & Prevention and Lead-Based Paint Removal
Drinking Water Operator Certification
To protect public health, drinking water treatment systems must be properly operated and maintained. For this reason, and to protect the financial investment of drinking water supplies, the Illinois EPA operates a Drinking Water Operator Certification Program that certifies the technical competency of operators of community water supplies.
Air Quality Notifications Sign-Up
Know your air quality! Elevated levels of air pollution, specifically ozone and particulate matter, can changes the outdoor air quality. Register for Illinois EnviroFlash alerts and receive Air Quality notifications for your area.
Locate Reported Sites for Public Water Supply-Related Groundwater Contamination
Link to notices and news releases to alert private well users to groundwater contamination that may threaten their wells.
Maintain Safe Drinking Water in My Well
Information for private well owners.
Manage Asbestos in My House or Apartment
This publication is intended to provide a general understanding of the statutory and regulatory requirements governing managing asbestos.
Water Pollution Control Permit
Permit programs are among the basic tools the Agency uses to regulate wastewater discharges to Illinois streams and lakes. They provide facility owners and the public with a discharge specific interpretation of the law and regulations.
Test Well Water
The information on this page is from the Testing Private Well Water brochure produced jointly by the Illinois EPA and Illinois Department of Public Health.
IEPA Lab Accreditation Rules
Rules and Regulations for Lab Accreditation
Wastewater/Operator Certification
The Wastewater Operator Certification Program is intended to protect public health, environmental quality, and the financial investment of wastewater facilities.
Treat Contaminated Well Water
Well water treatment can range from simply disinfecting your well to installing a large treatment system. There are many aspects to consider when purchasing water treatment equipment.
Land Pollution Control Permit
If you store, transfer, treat or dispose of municipal or industrial waste, then you may need a permit from the Bureau of Land for these activities.
Air Permits
Does your business have equipment that emits air pollution? Does your business operate equipment that uses natural gas or other types of fuels? Does your business use solvents, cleaning materials, or other chemicals? Does your buisness have coating equipment, printing equipment, or other industrial equipment? Then it is possible that you are required to have an Air Pollution Control Permit. & Environmentally Dispose of Pharmaceuticals
Safely & Environmentally Dispose of Pharmaceuticals
The Illinois EPA has launched an initiative in collaboration with partners in both the private and public sector to promote environmentally responsible disposal of unwanted/expired medications.