Secretary of State, Office of the
The office’s functions are described in the Illinois Constitution, mainly addressing the Secretary of State's duty to maintain official state records and the state seal. However, law and tradition have assigned many additional responsibilities to the office, which has one of the largest and most diverse collections of responsibilities of any of its counterparts nationwide.

Find Public Records
The Archives Database site allows you to purview the many databases within the Archives site.
Apply for Vehicle Title & Registration
The Electronic Registration and Title System allows you to complete and print an Application for Vehicle Transaction.
Obtain an Identification Card
Driver's License/Commercial Driver's License/State ID Card site informs as to what documentation is required for each card.
Address Change for Motorists
Change of Address and/or Name Change link which discusses how to make an address change and which of these can be made on-line. If it is a name change or a new Driver's license needs to be printed, it provides links to Drivers Facilities.
Circuit Breaker License Plate Discount Refunds
The Benefit Access Program Request allows reimbursement for those who are participating in the Benefit Access program for reimbursement with regard to license plates and sticker renewal.
Corporate & Limited Liability Company (LLC) Name Search
Corp and LLC Certificate of Good Standing allows you to search for information regarding corporations, not-for-profit corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships, as well as, other business-related information.
Corporation & Limited Liability Corporation Online Filings
Business Services Home Page allows you to access the areas of Business Services and their forms.
Duplicate or Correct a Driver's License
Duplicate / Corrected Driver's License / Commercial Driver's License provides information concerning replacing, correcting a driver's license or obtaining a commercial driver's license.
Purchase & Replace License Plates
Renew a Driver's License
The Driver Services Department issues licenses to more than 8.5 million Illinois drivers and more than 3 million photo identification cards to drivers and non-drivers at more than 130 locations.
Renew a Vehicle Registration
Report a Lost or Stolen Driver's License
Transfer License Plates Between Vehicles
Vehicle Title & Registration Status Inquiry
License Plate Purchasing (Pick a Plate)
Purchase Vanity and Personalized License Plates
License Plate Renewal
License Plates Renewal site with designated PIN and registration i.d. allows you to renew your license plate
Locate Registered Business Names
On here twice: Corp and LLC Certificate of Good Standing allows you to search for information regarding corporations, not-for-profit corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships, as well as, other business-related information.
Illinois Digital Archives
The Illinois Digital Archives is a repository for the digital collections of the Illinois State Library as well as other libraries and cultural institutions in the State of Illinois.
CDL Appointment Scheduling
Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Scheduling allows you to schedule a CDL appointment on line. It also discusses what is required to schedule an appointment or to call regarding information concerning CDL's.
Find Historical Maps
The State Library Map site allows you to discover the map databases as well as obtain information on how to access the maps within the State Library.
Parking for Persons with Disabilities Abuse Complaints
Parking Program for Persons with Disabilities Abuse Complaint form to report alleged misuse or abuse of the Parking Program for Persons with Disabilities
Locate the Nearest Driver Facility
Secretary of State Facility Finder allows you to search for facilities in Illinois
The Archives Genealogical Research site allows you to submit requests for ancestory information as well as provides fee information.
Lobbyist Registration & Reporting
Lobbyist Registration and Reporting System allows lobbyists or their registered agent to file reports electronically
Illinois State Library Search
The Illinois State Library Search Library Catalogs allows you to find books and other library materials at the State Library or any of the other 88 libraries in the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI)as well as braille and talking book catalogs and Worldcat which lets you search collections around the world.
Returned Check Payments
Become an Organ / Tissue Donor
The Life Goes On link allows you to register as an Organ Donor as well as give information about becoming an organ donor
Organ/Tissue Donor Registry (Life Goes On)
Illinois Organ and Tissue Directory is a confidential computerized database that documents a person's wishes regarding donation. Information contained in the registry is only released to organ and tissue procurement personnel and medical examiners after all efforts to save a person's life have failed.
Investments & Securities Complaint Form
Securities Complaint Form allows you to submit a complaint about a company or individual. The Securities Department will investigate your complaint and, if violations of the law are discovered, your complaint may lead to administrative, civil or criminal action.
Economic Interest Search
Economic Interest Search allows you to search the database to check for filings
Emergency Contact Search
Emergency Contact Database allows you to voluntarily enter one or two individuals to serve as your emergency contacts in the event you are involved in a traffic crash or have a medical emergency where you cannot communicate directly with law enforcement or emergency responders. The Emergency Contact Database also allows you to enter basic medical information such as disabilities, medical conditions or special needs.
Parental Access to Teen Driving Records
Parental Access site assists parents or legal guardians in obtaining their teenager's driving record.
Lobbying Information Search
"Lobbyist Information Search Index is a search tool for information pertaining to lobbying registration. The search allows you to view a lobbying entity's registration information. It also provides a list of state agencies a lobbying entity intends to lobby and the subject matter of their lobbying activities. "
Qualify as a Safe Driver