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The Illinois Department on Aging provides comprehensive and contemporary educational offerings for aging service agencies. Many of the trainings offered by the Department are available for continuing education credits for nursing home administrators, social workers, and other professionals in the aging field.

The Department also sponsors and co-sponsors activities and events throughout the year geared specifically toward older adults.

  • 2019 Illinois State Fair    
  • Outreach Events
    • Madigan-Quinn Senior Celebration, Chicago, 5-17-2019
    • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Summit/Health Fair, Waukegan, 6-1-2019
    • 11th Annual Expo of Programs and Services for the Community, Melrose Park, 6-1-2019
    • Long-Term Care Insurance and Aging Programs Seminar, Downers Grove, 6-3-2019
    • State and Federal Programs, Chicago, 6/28/2019



If you would like us to be a part of your event or need additional information on outreach events contact purnell.borders@illinois.gov.