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Certification Process

There are six steps to the Service Provider Certification Process (see 89 Illinois Administrative Code 240.1600, Provider Agency Certification):

  1. Application
    • Complete and submit your Certification Packet.
    • Pass review of your Certification Packet.

  2. Review
    • Schedule and pass a precertification review of on-site operations at your agency unless a performance review of the provider agency has already been completed by the Illinois Department on Aging or its designee within the prior 12 months.
    • Complete any required remediation based on the review.

  3. Certification
    • Receive Service Provider Certification from the Illinois Department on Aging.

  4. Management Training

  5. Contracting (see 89 Illinois Administrative Code 240.1607, Standard CCP Provider Agreement)
    • Complete and submit your Provider Agreement.

      Provider Agreements will be entered with qualified provider agencies on a schedule determined by the Illinois Department on Aging, but no more frequently than semiannually after initial certification.

  6. Renewal
    • Recertification


Open Certification Schedule

The Illinois Department on Aging is accepting certification packets from all Planning and Service Areas (PSAs) of the state of Illinois.

Current Certified Providers

A combined list of Adult Day Service and In-Home Service Providers can be found in the Directory of Agencies Serving Seniors.

Management Training

See the Calendar for a current list of training events and meetings.

Assistance and Resources

For assistance in the certification process, contact the Illinois Department on Aging Office of Service Development and Procurement.