APS Statistics

Facts from the Adult Protective Services FY 2017 Annual Report:

  • 16,507 reports of abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation received by the APS program.  This increase reflects 2,971 reports involving adults with a disability between the ages of 18 and 59.  Most are living at home or with a relative.

  • The majority of reports were for Financial Exploitation, (8,604), followed by Emotional Abuse (6,476); Passive Neglect (6,679); Physical Abuse (3,782); Willful Deprivation (2,268); Confinement (1,381), and Sexual Abuse (765).

  • Most abusers are family members: 74% were either the spouse, child, or other relative.

  • Victims generally experience more than one type of abuse.  For example, the highest form of abuse reported, financial exploitation, is highly associated with emotional abuse.

  • 67% of the victims were female; 33% were male.

  • 49% of abusers were male and 51% were female.

  • One in five victims is age 86 or older; more than half of the victims suffer from barriers to independent living such as being functionally impaired.

  • Most cases of abuse, neglect, or financial exploiation were reported by social workers or medical personnel (35%).  Family members were responsible for 16% of reports, and victims self-reported in 8% of the cases.  Other reporters include law enforcers, Community Care Program employees, and bank employees.  Five percent of the reports were anonymous.