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Volunteer & Intergenerational Programs

  • Illinois Volunteer Money Management Program (brochure, 2019 - 377 KB) describes how volunteers provide protective services for limited income seniors who need help managing their finances. 
    • Illinois Volunteer Money Management Program (Spanish brochure, currently being updated)

  • Become a Long-Term Care Volunteer Ombudsman (brochure, 2012 - 744 KB) Volunteers are needed to work with nursing home residents, families, community groups and nursing home staff to resolve problems and ensure quality of life for all people in long term care facilities.

  • "Read Me a Story!" A Guide for Producing a Reading Series on Local Television (book, 2002) – Developed in 1999 through a partnership with the Illinois State Library, Barnes and Noble Booksellers, and Access 4 Cable television, this program guide offers ideas and suggestions for creating a video series showing seniors reading children's stories. The program was designed to stimulate children's interest in reading and encourage seniors to read to children. Although broadcast is limited to local cable companies, the guide offers an excellent tool for recruiting volunteers to read to children.