Related Links for Conservation/Preservation

American Institute for Conservation - "Caring for Your Treasures" page with links to preservation information for various types of historical materials -

Library of Congress Preservation Directorate - "Collections Care" page with links to advice on the preservation of books, paper, and audio-visual materials

Minnesota Historical Society - "Preserve Your Family Treasures" page with "Hints from the Conservators" to preserve historical family materials

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) - Click on any of the topics under the "What Do You Want To Preserve?" section for information

NET (Nebraska PBS affiliate) - Based on the NET Television program Saving Your Treasures, this website has links to information and videos about preserving many types of historical materials

Northeast Document Conservation Center - "Preservation Leaflets" page with links to online brochures about caring for paper, book, and photographic collections

Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute - "Taking Care" page with links to information about preserving a variety of items, including paper-based materials -