Immigrant Stories

America is a nation of immigrants, and immigration is a theme that animates so much of the nation’s history. Stories about the successive waves of immigrants arriving from the four corners of the globe, and about our nation’s struggle to both absorb them as well as adapt to them is a constant thread in our history.  Each immigrant has a unique story to share, born of their experiences in their country of origin, to include an explanation of why they were willing to risk all to come to the United States. Yet there are elements of those stories that they share as well—the hope that propelled them to America in the first place, the apprehensions of arriving in a new land, their struggles to adapt in a fast-paced and dynamic society, of their ability to shape a new life for themselves once here. The goal of this project is to give voice to these immigrants, as each new wave adds to the mosaic that is the United States, enriching us and invigorating us in the process.