Symbols & Abbreviations


[ ] Brackets around dates indicate an incomplete file. Brackets around a title indicate a successor title for which no issues are held.

* First issue at that place, with that frequency, or under that title. In a few instances, preliminary issues preceded Volume I, No. 1; in others, the paper was suspended or moved away, then resumed.

X Last issue at that place, with that frequency, or under that title. In some cases, extras were issued after the end of regular publication.

= Changed to, or merged into, another frequency or title.

+ File continues to date and is being currently received.

? In list of missing issues, indicates that a regular publication date was missing, but numbering was consecutive (or fewer numbers than dates were missing). Following X in the main listing indicates that this was in all probability the final issue, but it is not certain.

LANGUAGES: Ch, Cherokee; Cr, Croatian; Cz, Czech; D, Danish; F, French; Fl, Flemish; G, German; Gr, Greek; It, Italian; J, Japanese; N, Norwegian; P, Polish; R, Russian; S, Swedish; SI, Slovenian; Sp, Spanish; Y, Yiddish. E (for English) is used only where necessary for clarity.


bm bimonthly
bw biweekly
d daily
i irregular
m monthly
q quarterly
qw four times a week
sm semimonthly
sw semiweekly
tw triweekly
w weekly
Unless otherwise noted newspapers listed are weeklies.


Ja January
F February
Mr March
Ap April
My May
Je June
Jl July
Ag August
S September
O October
N November
D December