Lincoln Research

Abraham Lincoln has been dead for more than 140 years, but interest in his life and times continues unabated.  Researchers engaged in the study of the sixteenth president find the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library an essential resource for understanding his personal life, legal career, political development, and presidency.

There is perhaps no more valuable source than the Library’s Lincoln Collection, which holds the largest collection of materials created by, owned by, or about the Lincolns.  The collection underpins the exhibits and programming at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, which features permanent and special, temporary exhibits on Lincoln and related topics.

Historians on staff at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum engage in research for exhibits, publications, and public programs.  Importantly, they support other scholars working in Lincoln and Civil War studies.  Priceless papers and artifacts are available only for use at the Library, while some material has been incorporated into such publications as the Papers of Abraham Lincoln.  And because any study of Lincoln and the Civil War requires research in numerous archives, repositories, and collection, this website provides important links to subject bibliographies and other websites.