Transcribe an oral history; write a lesson plan; develop marketing strategies; work hands-on in our artifact and archive collection areas; teach a child the art of the "hoop and stick". The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (ALPLM) is committed to providing learning opportunities and career-enhancing experiences to college and graduate students. Whether greeting the public on the front lines or working behind the scenes, interns take an active role in executing the mission of the presidential museum and library. Working with professional staff as part of a skilled team, interns participate in significant projects as well as day-to-day operations as they become familiar with the museum and library fields. References and contacts gained through work as an intern can be helpful in securing future employment and admission to further programs of study. Students and recent graduates in history, museum studies, library science or education are highly encouraged to apply.



The ALPLM internship program is open to qualified college students, recent graduates or graduate students. Interns from all majors and interests are encouraged to apply.  Interviews will be conducted for all positions.



ALPLM internships are unpaid. Parking is provided for all interns working at least three days per week. Interns will also receive free admission to any ALPLM/HPA theater performance, book signing or other event held during the intern's stay for which there's an admission charge. 


Academic Credit

The ALPLM will work with students to provide educational opportunities that meet college requirements.  We encourage interns to seek academic credit for their internship and will assist in any way to help the intern receive it.  Check with your advisor or department chair to inquire about your school's requirements.



Internships usually take place throughout the typical academic spring, summer or fall semester. Students are required to work at least three days per week unless special arrangements are made with the supervisor and intern program coordinator.


Application Periods

Applications will be accepted on an on-going basis for any unfilled intern positions.  Some internships fall outside the scope of the typical academic calendar and are considered Special Projects. These are not subject to the deadlines listed above and may be for a shorter or longer duration than one academic semester.


Museum Internship Openings

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (ALPLM) intern program is administered through the ALPLM Department of Education. Intern positions are available within a variety of departments in both the Library and Museum as listed below:


Current Internship Openings

Cataloging - Map Collection

Interns will assist in an item-level inventory of the map collection at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. Interns will gain experience in updating catalog records in library software and work towards increasing the discoverability of library materials. Interns will also be responsible for addressing the preservation needs of cartographic materials, including conservation work and rehousing. 

Cataloging Intern Spring 2019 - Maps.pdf


Cataloging - Serials

Interns will assist in an item-level inventory of the serials collection at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. Cataloging item records will be created using the library's integrated library system for items missing from the catalog. Interns will contact publishers for missing issues and prepare serials to be sent to the bindery. Interns will also identify preservation neets.

Cataloging Intern Spring 2019 - Serials.pdf


Oral History

Interns in Oral History will perform a wide variety of administrative and IT related tasks in the processing of oral history interviews, to include managing an Access database used for tracking interviews, editing audio interviews, developing interview word lists, posting interviews on the department's database, and many other tasks. The intern will also conduct research on specific oral history subjects, develop study aids for interviewers on specific projects. Interns will become familiar with the entire oral history process, from interviewing to posting to archiving. Additionally, the intern will be asked to develop teacher lesson plans using interviews from the ALPLM Oral History collection. Intern will be asked to develop a teacher resource highlighting many of the women interviewed over the years.

Oral History Internship Position Description


Application Procedure

Please submit the following materials in your application package:

  • Completed and signed Internship Application Form.doc (also signed by advisor)
  • Resume
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation:
  • College transcript (a photocopy is acceptable)
  • Letter of interest stating reasons for wanting to be an intern at the ALPLM, including:
    • Personal goals
    • Expectations of intern experience
    • How the internship relates to career plans
    • What he/she believes they can contribute to the Museum and/or Library
    • Special interests and abilities
  • Specific information including: dates available to work; number of hours per week; number and days available to work
  • If doing internship for university credit, supply school requirements and advisor's name and contact information
  • Any additional materials requested in the specific internship description

Mail or email your complete application package to:
Abigail Cline
Education Coordinator
112 North Sixth Street
Springfield, IL 62701