The 2020 Illinois History Day will be held on May 7th!

**WEBSITE Category Update: Students must use the approved NHD Website Editor. Weebly is no longer being used by NHD. There is a New Website that will be coming out November 1, 2019. Keep an eye on our website for further information once that is released.


​For Students ​For Teachers Worksheets​
​Summary Statement Form 2019-2020 Letter to Teachers.pdf Choosing a Topic.pdf

2019-2020 IHD Rule Book.pdf


Focusing History Day Topics.pdf - created by MN History Day
NHD Contest-Rule-Book.pdf Summary Statement Form How to Write a Thesis Statement.pdf

2020 NHD Theme Book.pdf


2020 NHD Theme Book.pdf Thesis Development.pdf
​A Chronology of Illinois History NHD Contest-Rule-Book.pdf Topic-Illinois Connection.pdf
​Society of American Archivists Online Toolkit SampleHistoryFairTimelines.pdf - See how other schools organize their program. Topic-Theme Connection.pdf
Online Resources for Illinois History Day NHD Key Evaluation Findings - How History Fair students boost their performance in all areas on state standardized tests. Illinois History Day Topic.pdf
Library of Congress Primary Source Research How History Fair relates to the Common Core Standards

TopicSelectionSheetGrp.doc - A worksheet for NHD-eligible group projects.

Lincoln Related Research Links Students-Become-Historians-2017-update.pptx TopicSelectionSheetInd.doc - A worksheet for NHD-eligible individual projects.
Digital Resource Library of Illinois History thesis_powerpoint (1).ppt Process Paper How To.pdf - If your project makes it to State you MUST do a Process Paper.