Host an Event - Library


The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library boasts venues perfectly suited for day or evening events such as meetings, seminars, conferences, receptions and dinners.

The Library's venues are also ideal for wedding rehearsal dinners and small wedding receptions or larger pre-receptions before a Museum wedding reception.

Renting a venue at the Library does not grant your guests access to the Museum’s exhibits. To give your guests an opportunity to experience the Museum, a rental client may rent the Museum for an evening event, or provide your guests a Museum visit during the day (Museum open seven days from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) perhaps just prior to an evening event at the Library.

We now offer discount opportunities on multiple room rentals for weekday, daytime Library venue rentals. With the first (most expensive) venue rented at full price, additional venues offered at $100 off a full-day rental, or $50 off a half-day rental.

WEEKEND Library Events:  There is a $500 charge in addition to the venue rental charge for a full-day weekend Library rental, or a $300 additional charge for a weekend half-day daytime rental or evening rental. The additional charge would not apply if three or more venues are rented for a weekend daytime or evening Library event.

Please contact our Facilities Rental staff for more information about our rental venues and rates, or to make a reservation.


Governor's Conference Room

Lincoln Atrium

Lincoln Reception Room

Multi-Purpose Room

Reception Gallery