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End Stage Renal Dialysis Facility Medicare Certification Stage Renal Dialysis Facility Medicare CertificationGP0|#6ff001c7-3c06-4458-b753-46509643db01;L0|#06ff001c7-3c06-4458-b753-46509643db01|IDPH;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9IDPH certifies End Stage Renal Dialysis facilities that provide dialysis treatment or dialysis training to individuals with end stage renal disease to be eligible for Medicare reimbursement.
List of Pre-Qualified Individuals/Companies - Swimming Facilities of Pre-Qualified Individuals/Companies - Swimming FacilitiesGP0|#6ff001c7-3c06-4458-b753-46509643db01;L0|#06ff001c7-3c06-4458-b753-46509643db01|IDPH;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9This list contains those individuals and companies that are deemed to be pre-qualified for the design and construction of swimming facilities in Illinois. Renewal of this certification is required annually.
Non-Community Public Water System Construction Application Public Water System Construction ApplicationGP0|#6ff001c7-3c06-4458-b753-46509643db01;L0|#06ff001c7-3c06-4458-b753-46509643db01|IDPH;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9Non-community public water systems are facilities, such as schools, factories, restaurants, resorts, and churches, served by their own water supply (usually a well). These facilities are required to provide a safe and adequate supply of water under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). Currently, there are nearly 3,800 non-community public water systems in Illinois. IDPH is responsible for assuring the compliance of non-community water systems with the SDWA.
Portable X-Ray Medicare Certification X-Ray Medicare CertificationGP0|#6ff001c7-3c06-4458-b753-46509643db01;L0|#06ff001c7-3c06-4458-b753-46509643db01|IDPH;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9Diagnostic X-ray tests (including tests furnished in a place of residence used as the patient’s home) must be under the supervision of a physician. The “residence used as the patient’s home” can include a SNF or hospital that does not provide X-ray services for its patients and arranges for these services through a portable X-ray supplier, such as a mobile unit. However, to be certified as a portable X-ray supplier, the mobile unit can neither be fixed at any one location nor permanently located in a SNF or a hospital.
Analytical Chemistry Approval Analytical Chemistry ApprovalGP0|#85e7f010-dd90-408d-8178-40bb5790319c;L0|#085e7f010-dd90-408d-8178-40bb5790319c|IDOT;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9Analytical chemistry provides the chemical testing for a wide variety of highway materials, ensures that quality materials are used in highway projects by maintaining a system of sampling, testing, documentation, and reporting of test results for focus areas including: pavement marking materials, reflective sheeting, bridge coatings, and miscellaneous items. Analytical chemistry also maintains cement and concrete reference laboratory (CCRL) accreditation for cementitious materials. Provides information regarding the process and how to get materials approved.
Construction Procurements ProcurementsGP0|#85e7f010-dd90-408d-8178-40bb5790319c;L0|#085e7f010-dd90-408d-8178-40bb5790319c|IDOT;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9In order to perform construction work for IDOT, contractors must first seek prequalification in specialized categories. Once prequalified, a firm is eligible to submit a bid on state and local advertised projects. If awarded the contract, the firm follows department rules and regulations until fulfillment of the contractual obligation.
Metals Material Approval Material ApprovalGP0|#85e7f010-dd90-408d-8178-40bb5790319c;L0|#085e7f010-dd90-408d-8178-40bb5790319c|IDOT;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9Contractual metals and miscellaneous materials used in the State’s highway construction and maintenance programs are required by both the Federal Highway Administration and the State of Illinois Departmental Policy. In addition to materials testing the Department has several certification/qualification/approval programs requiring field inspection either at the manufacturing location or the job site.
Precast/Prestress Material Approval Material ApprovalGP0|#85e7f010-dd90-408d-8178-40bb5790319c;L0|#085e7f010-dd90-408d-8178-40bb5790319c|IDOT;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9Focus areas include quality control/quality assurance programs for Precast Concrete and Precast Prestressed Concrete products. Provides information regarding the process and how to get materials approved.
Producer/Supplier Approval ApprovalGP0|#85e7f010-dd90-408d-8178-40bb5790319c;L0|#085e7f010-dd90-408d-8178-40bb5790319c|IDOT;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9There are approximately 13,000 (active/inactive) producers and/or suppliers listed with IDOT. Producers and/or suppliers interested in providing materials to be used in construction projects must first obtain approval by the department.
Soils Material Approval Material ApprovalGP0|#85e7f010-dd90-408d-8178-40bb5790319c;L0|#085e7f010-dd90-408d-8178-40bb5790319c|IDOT;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9Provides process and how to get soil materials approved.
Oversize/Overweight Permits PermitsGP0|#85e7f010-dd90-408d-8178-40bb5790319c;L0|#085e7f010-dd90-408d-8178-40bb5790319c|IDOT;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9IDOT may, at its discretion, upon application and good cause being shown therefore, issue special permits authorizing applicants to operate or move a vehicle or combination of vehicles of a size or weight of vehicle or load exceeding the maximum specified in this Act or otherwise not in conformity with this Act upon any highway under the jurisdiction of the state of Illinois.
Road Construction Contract Status System Construction Contract Status SystemGP0|#85e7f010-dd90-408d-8178-40bb5790319c;L0|#085e7f010-dd90-408d-8178-40bb5790319c|IDOT;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9Prequalification procedures for contractors helping firms become eligible to submit a bid on state and local advertised projects.
Utility Permits PermitsGP0|#85e7f010-dd90-408d-8178-40bb5790319c;L0|#085e7f010-dd90-408d-8178-40bb5790319c|IDOT;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9Provides the process and resources for applying for a permit for Utility Work in right-of-way (new installations, maintenance of existing utilities and utility relocations; mainly for municipalities and utility companies.)
Find Marketing & Product Development Assistance Marketing & Product Development AssistanceGP0|#21ccef1c-8d27-463f-bf34-1ff63ba98aab;L0|#021ccef1c-8d27-463f-bf34-1ff63ba98aab|DCEO;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9Local and regional business guides
Comprehensive Outpatient Rehab Facility Medicare Certification Outpatient Rehab Facility Medicare CertificationGP0|#6ff001c7-3c06-4458-b753-46509643db01;L0|#06ff001c7-3c06-4458-b753-46509643db01|IDPH;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9IDPH regulates Outpatient Rehab Facilities - entities that provide coordinated outpatient diagnostic, therapeutic, and restorative services, at a single fixed location, to outpatients for the rehabilitation of injured, disabled or sick individuals. Physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology services may be provided in an off-site location.
Medical Provider Forms Request Provider Forms RequestGP0|#06fb937e-ea75-47ce-80b6-9b889d89d1d3;L0|#006fb937e-ea75-47ce-80b6-9b889d89d1d3|HFS;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9
Post Job Openings Job OpeningsGP0|#11f12af6-4306-40a2-be44-438ea1599311;L0|#011f12af6-4306-40a2-be44-438ea1599311|IDES;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9To post jobs at your company, go to
Find Business Planning Assistance Business Planning AssistanceGP0|#21ccef1c-8d27-463f-bf34-1ff63ba98aab;L0|#021ccef1c-8d27-463f-bf34-1ff63ba98aab|DCEO;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9Resources for your quest to start a new small business here in Illinois
Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification Service Sanitation Manager CertificationGP0|#6ff001c7-3c06-4458-b753-46509643db01;L0|#06ff001c7-3c06-4458-b753-46509643db01|IDPH;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification (FSSMC) is required by Section 750.540 of the Illinois Food Service Sanitation Code based on the food service establishment’s risk category assigned by the local health department. A FSSMC is earned by completing an approved eight hour course with an Illinois approved instructor and passing a national exam accredited by the Conference for Food Protection, then paying a fee to IDPH, which is valid for five years from the exam date.
Report New Hires / Employees New Hires / EmployeesGP0|#11f12af6-4306-40a2-be44-438ea1599311;L0|#011f12af6-4306-40a2-be44-438ea1599311|IDES;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9Under the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Act, employers have certain obligations.
Find State Business Tax Incentives Programs State Business Tax Incentives ProgramsGP0|#21ccef1c-8d27-463f-bf34-1ff63ba98aab;L0|#021ccef1c-8d27-463f-bf34-1ff63ba98aab|DCEO;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9Illinois offers a competitive range of incentives for locating and expanding your business
MEDI Provider & Payees Registration Provider & Payees RegistrationGP0|#06fb937e-ea75-47ce-80b6-9b889d89d1d3;L0|#006fb937e-ea75-47ce-80b6-9b889d89d1d3|HFS;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9This is a secure Website for the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, directed to medical providers. It allows authorized users online access to departmental information on the following HFS programs: Medical Assistance Information for Medicaid Providers, All Kids and FamilyCare Programs, Child Support Case Information, Cost Calculation For Medicaid School-Based Health Services.
Withholding Income Tax Web Filing Income Tax Web FilingGP0|#301527c4-161c-41d4-8b76-02705ddd591f;L0|#0301527c4-161c-41d4-8b76-02705ddd591f|IDOR;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9File Withholding Income Taxes online with MyTax Illinois.
Lookup Business Rules & Regulations Business Rules & RegulationsGP0|#cbf2a962-9f67-4fc1-a5c6-c23540b973fa;L0|#0cbf2a962-9f67-4fc1-a5c6-c23540b973fa|GOV;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9Links to laws and how they're enforced related to doing business in Illinois