Guidance for immigrant residents

Illinois residents who are not U.S. citizens can be adversely affected by purchasing, possessing, or consuming cannabis. While Illinois law permits adults, who are at least 21 years old, to purchase, possess, and consume cannabis products, cannabis is still illegal under federal law.

All noncitizens, including lawful permanent residents, asylees/refugees, U/T visa holders, student and employment-based visa holders, and undocumented individuals, should seek additional information about how they may be affected under federal law for purchasing, possessing, or consuming cannabis. For example, admission of use or possession of cannabis can result in denial of entry into the U.S., denial of citizenship or green card application, or possible deportation proceedings. Noncitizens may also face immigration consequences for working or investing in the cannabis industry.

Immigrant residents should consult with a trusted immigration lawyer to understand their rights.