Important Announcement for Construction Contractors Bidding with the Capital Development Board

Important Announcement for Construction Contractors Bidding with the Capital Development Board


The State of Illinois is implementing an initiative to reduce the burden of paperwork regarding financial disclosures when bidding projects.  The Illinois Procurement Gateway way is an opportunity for bidders to streamline the bidding process with CDB as well as all other state agencies.


The Division 0 and Division 1 documents for the Project Manual have been revised to address the implementation of the Illinois Procurement Gateway (IPG), previously known as the Vendor Portal.  The IPG has been an initiative by the Executive Ethics Commission, through the four Chief Procurement Officers (CPO’s), to provide a central depository for any vendor doing business with the State of Illinois to submit financial disclosures.  Once the vendor is registered in the IPG, then they would not be required to submit full disclosures with each and every bid.  It is advantageous for A/E’s, contractors and subcontractors to inquire into the IPG.


The Division 0 and Division 1 revisions are being posted on CDB’s website within the Reference Library.  The Division 0 revisions include the implementation of the IPG in Section 00 41 09 with the two alternates available to the bidders:  Forms A (submittal of full financial disclosures) or Forms B (update to disclosures previously approved in the IPG).  There is a new section added:  00 41 08, which puts the Business Terms and Conditions into the new section.  The 00 41 05 form has been revised to add columns on the form for services provided.   Division 1 has one revision:  the material deficiencies are revised to incorporate the IPG regarding financial disclosure submittal during the bidding process.


If a bidder has not registered with the IPG, or chooses not to register, then the bidder will simply submit the full financial disclosure (Forms A) with their bid.  The Forms A option is identical to the submittal process that bidders have been required to do for the past two years when submitting bids.


There is a transition period that is expected in order to incorporate the revisions into the bid documents for upcoming projects.  Architect/Engineers (A/E’s) will be incorporating the revised bid documents in Project Manuals as the manuals are developed between July 1 and August 15, 2014.  Depending on the stage of development of Project Manuals, there can be the old or new versions of the bid documents in the Project Manuals for those projects posted for bidding before August 15, 2014.  Projects posted after August 15, 2014 will contain the new version of bid documents.  Therefore, it is important for bidders to read their bid documents carefully to understand what will be required regarding financial disclosures during the transition period.


The following are details regarding the IPG as provided by the CDB Chief Procurement Officer:

Illinois Procurement Gateway

The State of Illinois Chief Procurement Office has made available the Illinois Procurement Gateway (IPG).  The IPG ( is a streamlined, online process that allows those doing business with the state (including contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers and consultants) to enter, organize, and submit information, certification and disclosure documents online, in advance of a particular procurement.  We encourage all those that do business with the Capital Development Board to register in the IPG located at

Use of the IPG is optional.  You will have the option of submitting a bid or 255 form via paper, or with an IPG registration.  CDB is incorporating the option to use an IPG registration number in its bidding documents.  Effective August 15, 2014, all solicitations will allow the use the number in place of certain paper documents.  Until all CDB bidding and offer documents are updated, please use the standard paper submittal option.

As CDB documents are fully updated you will see some additional minor changes, such as an area to detail the services provided by subcontractors and a 00 41 08 form which contains the Standard Terms and Conditions.  Please review all bid and offer forms carefully and follow the instructions..


Who is Required to Register with the IPG?

Registration in the IPG is optional.  Vendors may continue to submit bids and offers using the standard paper forms.  Registration into the IPG does, however, result in:

1.      A reduction in paper forms required with each bid/offer.

2.      Reduced time to review each bid or offer.

3.      An online directory of vendors.

The State uses information submitted through the IPG to review vendor information in advance of submitting bids and offers for contracts. Upon satisfactory registration, vendors receive a registration number that may be used in place of paper submission of required forms.

When Should Vendors Register?

Vendors that would like to use the IPG registration number with a bid/offer must register, and receive a registration number, prior to submitting a bid.  This number must be placed on the bid/offer form.  Please allow adequate time for the review and processing of the documents submitted online. 


Where Do Vendors Register?

The Illinois Procurement Gateway is located at:


Where can I submit questions?

State of Illinois IPG Contact Information

Vendor Registration Inquires:

Customer Service & General Inquiries:

Mon-Fri 9AM – 4PM CST 
(217) 782-1270